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I'm playing with the idea of creating a small fun mod which is based around the Minions from the movie Despicable Me.
This topic is about brainstorming and collecting ideas for this possible project.
Some ideas i have
-everything should have this cartoonish funny style (based on RA2/YR, the terrain would fulfill this already)
-mainly only single Minions with different weapons. Almost no vehicles.
-only a very limited amount of units to create perfect and simple balancing
-only one house (maybe later another different house with for example the damn MLP Ponys)
-exaggerated explosions and debris
-using custom debris with the image of the Minion, so it looks like they are blast away by explosions and high flying debris which almost hit the camera (If you know the old game Z from the Bitmap Brothers, you know what i have in mind)
-everything will be kept funny, so there is no blood or realistic violence. So you have no problem seeing a Minion explode or fly through the air.

For More Details:
Animated Explainer Video Production Studio


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